Maya Kessler


untitled from maya kessler on Vimeo.


I was attracted by the constant repetition, the lack of fear of this quite laborious craft combined with a lot of devices to make it easier.When I look back historically I find increasing efficiency indicating many years of work, I find fascinating tools and, in particular, the blue color of indigo, a characteristic of the Japanese. 

In Shibori I can work with textile dyeing in a picturesque way where aesthetics is based on chance. It is a paradox that simultaneously I work hard to be able to master the technique.

In my works I use a technique for hooked rugs where I design cloth which I then divide into smaller parts  and tie into the warp.

My ambition is to get acquainted with color and fibres.  As work proceeds I find inspiration and new paths to follow in my sketching work. Material is my greatest inspiration. 

In a work I want to bring out contrasting colors, observe the specific ways in which the materials express themselves to get the right energy. I insist on it that material, color and expression must speak.


Maya Kessler


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