About us and our history

Eva Langnert

The Swedish Shibori Society consists of a group of artists and designers who work with, interpret and are inspired by the Japanese technique of shibori.

What is Shibori?
In the beginning, Shibori was an ancient traditional Japanese handcraft and form concept that included methods of twisting, pressing and pulling tight. Today the word is used as a general international term that describles both artistic expression and technique. Shibori includes a number of different ways of dyeing, patterning and forming textile material and/or transforming it in a more conceptual sense.

The Swedish Shibori Society
From 2002 to 2015, Eva Lagnert, artist and lecturer at Konstfack, University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm held continuing professional development courses and introduced the Shibori technique. These courses resulted in the establishment of the Swedish Shibori Society in 2009 with the aim to work for the development of shibori in Sweden as an art form and to attain a high level of artistic competence. Today the Society consists of approximately 50 artists and designers and since the beginning has arranged a large number of exhibitions both within the country and internationally.

Technical Description
Shibori is a ”reservage” technique, meaning that parts of the surface of the cloth are blocked out before dyeing. The blocking out can be accomplished with wooden blocks, by folding, sewn seams, and tied thread. It is during the dyeing process itself that it happens. The resulting soft flowing color transitions and inherent light give life to the cloth. The shibori expression feels both repetitive and by chance alive.
There is an element of something unexpected that appeals to us in both the process and artistic intent.

How We Work With Shibori
We are inspired by, investigate and further develop the Shibori technique. We work with the cloth in order to make use of the special qualities of the material and combine it with other techniques such as embroidery, pleating and silkscreen printing. The two dimenstional form easily tanslates to the three dimensional.

Swedish shibori society board

  • Chair: Marie-Loise Nordin
  • Vice Chair: Karin Wallén                                                                                                                                                                 
  • Treasurer: Karin Wallén
  • Secretary: Maya Kessler
  • Board member:  Mirjam Lagergren
  • Board member:  Gunilla Nordlund ​
  • Deputy: Elizabet Christiansson
  • Deputy: Sara Nyberg Wallner