Eva Marmbrandt

Image is language. I’m interested in language, in its smallest components and in how they can be taken apart and put back together, always in new contexts. A simple shape, a colour, a grain - an incomplete statement in relation to something else - and suddenly something entirely new has been uttered.

I don’t always know what I want to say before I put it together. I don’t know what I’m looking for until I find it. I have to cope with not knowing how it will turn out.

Everything we know, feel, everything our senses can perceive, every idea, every single thing exist in relation to and interact with the room.

What we ourselves are, the world we inhabit as ours, is unthinkable without the limitations of the room. This is how my work, the story I tell, relates to the room. Every moment, every individual piece, has a decisive relation to rooms: empty, closed, hollow, in between, private or public, hidden, forgotten, physical rooms.

An inner room takes over an outer room. An outer room flows into an inner room. Between the rooms are walls and distances, open doors and airtight bulkheads. It seeps in, it pours out. I put pieces together, sealing the edges, I set the rhythm of it. Using borders I define places where what was never seen before can find room to exist.

All of this is concentrated in my work with shibori. I dye the edges.