About us and our history

The Swedish Shibori Society consists of a group of artists and designers all inspired by the Japanese Shibori technique.

Shibori is an ancient traditional technique which includes folding, twisting, pulling, binding and bunching the material. Today Shibori is internationally known as expression as well as technique. Shibori contains a lot of different ways of dyeing, patterning and shaping materiel and of transforming it in a more conceptual sense.

Between the years of 2002 and 2015 Ms Eva Lagnert, artist and lecturer at Konstfack, University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm, introduced the Shibori technique and held continuing professional development courses. These courses resulted in the establishment of the Swedish Shibori Society in 2009 with an aim to work for the development of Shibori in Sweden as an art form and to attain a high level of artistic competence. The Society consists of some 50 artists and designers. Since its formation a great number of exhibitions have been held both in Sweden and abroad.


Eva Lagnert  Foto: Thomas Laurien


Technical Description
Shibori is a dye-resisting technique, which means blocking a certain part of the cloth before its being dyed. The blocking can be wooden blocks, foldings, seams, knotted threads. The soft billowing transitions of the colors and their inherent light intensity brings life to the cloth. After the cloth has been penetrated and processed the effect on the material is repetitious as well as unexpected.

How we elaborate the Shibori technique
We examine, process and further develop the Shibori technique. We fold and wrinkle our material, we bind and stitch it, we plait, twist and stretch the cloth in order to make the most of the special qualities of the material. We combine it with other techniques such as embroidery, pleating and silkscreen printing. The result is often a transition from the two-dimensional into a three-dimensional art form.

Swedish shibori society board

Chair: Maya Kessler 
Treasurer: Leyun Wang 
Secretary: Linnéa Blomgren
Board member: Eva Davidsson
Board member: Karin Wallén
Deputy: Åsa Jonason
Deputy: My Holmberg